Rentals – How it Works

Please read, rules, tips and tricks to make your vacation even better.

Description: Renting pontoons can be a fun and great experience !!! Our goal is, and always has been, to make your days on the water happy and trouble free. With that being said, here are a few things to make sure that happens.

QUESTIONS you may have:

Wisconsin State Law !!!!! 
Wisconsin law states you must be born before January 1, 1989 in order to operate a watercraft WITHOUT a Boater’s Safety license. If you were born after this date, you will be required to take the Boater’s safety test before you can rent a boat. Your temporary certificate will need to be scanned, emailed or faxed to us at least 10 days prior to rental delivery date.
The course covers all the information you’ll need to know to receive your temporary boating certificate. The entire course can be taken on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

What is included in the rental price
Prices include, 6 gallons of gas, tax, & certain deliveries.

Where can I get it delivered for free?
Deliveries that are included in the rental fee means ONE delivery & ONE pickup.
If you get a rental for 5 days it does not mean you get the pontoon delivered every day to different lakes.
Buffalo, Crooked, Emerald, Kilby, Montello, Puckaway (Northside), Tuttle & Williams.
***One day rentals will ONLY be delivered to lakes in Marquette County.

Extra Charges to: 

Puckaway (South Side) $90
Green Lake $130, Little Green $150, Jordan $60, Lawrence $50, Parker $50,
Park $120, Peppermill $50, Pleasant $150, Big Hills $150,
Silver & Irogami $120, Little Hills $120, Gilberts Lake $225,
Pearl $140, Fish Lake(Hancock) $180, Kusel Lake $170
Castle Rock: Adams county park(East side)and Juneau county park(west side) $200,
Castle Rock; Lion Club $220
Castle Rock; Half Moon Bay, Buckhorn and Northern Bay $230,
Castle Rock; 29th Street $250
Lake Camelot $210, Lake Arrowhead $210, Petenwell South Side $250
Lake Wisconsin  $180 and up

Will not deliver to:
Monona, Mendota or Waupaca.
Please call if your lake is not listed.

Launch Fees You are required to pay any launch fees at the Landing.

Can I trailer the pontoon?
No, we can only deliver the pontoon to you on a lake.

?How do I get the boat?
After you call or email to reserve your days. We set SPECIFIC times to meet you at a landing of the lake to drop off and pick up.
Example: Saturday the 23rd we will meet you at the Hwy C landing at 9:00am to drop the boat off, show you how to run it and any questions you may have. We also have a time set to pick the boat up. Monday the 25th we will meet you at the same landing at 9:00am. So you will be at the landing by 9:00am both times. Not 9:30 not 10:00 but 9:00 please. I understand you are on vacation and not paying attention to clocks however, YOU WILL BE CHARGED AN EXTRA $15 PER 15 MINUTES YOU ARE LATE! Our delivery guys run on a very tight schedule, so when we set times, please be there by that time.

Delivery times?
Monday thru Saturday 9:00am to 4:00pm. We do not deliver or pick up on Sundays.*** You must be there for us to drop it off and pick it up ***

Can I tube with these? We DO NOT have tubes available for rent! But we do have tube packages available for you to purchase. Infant and child vests are available upon request. Now… THESE ARE NOT ski boats, they are pontoons. Depending on how many people and how much weight you have on the boat, they will go around 10 mph. With that being said, for most kids they will do the trick and provide just an extra activity for the water.

What do I need to reserve my rental?
When we figure out the days you would like. I need your driver’s license #,date of birth, telephone # (one that I can reach you when you are on vacation), credit card #/exp. Date/v-code, address (billing address on card), email, & address where you are staying on vacation.

How do I pay, security deposit, reservation deposit & what is all that?
After we decide on the date and times you want the boat. I will take all your information that you need to have to reserve the boat. The day you reserve it I will charge a $50 reservation deposit that comes off your rental charge. The week that we meet you with the boat, you will be charged the remaining balance of the rental charge, plus a $250 security deposit. The security deposit will be credited back onto your card after the boat comes back minus any extra charges.

Cancelation Policy
We don’t charge extra for sunshine and we don’t refund for rain!
Renters have 10 days prior to arrival of rental date to cancel and only lose the $50 deposit fee. Renters are responsible for 50% of the total rental fee, for cancellation between 5-9 days prior to delivery date. Renters are responsible for the entire boat rental rate if canceled 4 days prior to delivery regardless of whether you cancel or leave early.

What would the extra charges be?
Please be careful and treat our boats like you would your own. Johnson’s Boats & Motors is not out to make money on repairs of rentals. We do not like to charge you for any damages as much as you don’t want to be charged. Any damages are YOUR responsibility. Our delivery drivers will take pictures of the boat and motor before and after your rental.

Gas & Oil
(Only use premium non-ethanol gas)
The first 6 gallons is part of the rental, you will just be charged per gallon after that.
Gas for 2017: $3.75 a gallon – is premium non-ethonol, also has additives in it.

Prop/Skeg/Lower Unit
Also any major damages to the boat or prop that you caused will be charged accordingly. All our rentals have Skeg guards so it takes hitting something hard and or in reverse to damage the prop. It also is even harder to damage the skeg or break the skeg guard. If that happens you are liable for the cost of the skeg guard and any repair the skeg itself needs. The lower unit will also be taken off at that time to make sure you didn’t damage any gears. The repairs may seem high, however when you hit something hard enough to do damage, you are not only damaging what you see on the outside. Gears take a lot to damage but in time will give if repeatedly stressed. Which costs thousands to repair.
It is $25 per Blade. 

If you damage it severe enough and it shakes please call us to come and replace the blades, you might damage the lower unit if you leave it. However if we do need to come out to replace them it will be the cost of a trip charge to the lake.
Skeg guard: $200
Skeg Repair: $300 + $170 Labor = $470

If you have problems with the boat, please call. We will do our best to explain it over the phone. From our experience the problem normally isn’t the boat it is something you just may have never experienced or things you are doing. Every boat is different, so even if you are an “experienced boater” remember….all boats are different. They start different, drive different, trim different, plane different. So please try to listen to the driver when he explains things to you at the landing. If you call…we will tell you certain things to try over the phone. If for some reason the problem keeps happening and we have to send someone out there which we will because we want you to enjoy your time on the water! However, if there is nothing wrong with the boat you will be charged an extra trip charge (What our going rate is that all our customers pay for us to go to the landing) plus the time he spends out on the water with you. If something is wrong with the boat, rest assured we will fix it asap or give you credit towards the boat. So in order for this not to happen, please ask the delivery guy questions or call and listen to what we have to say and go and try them, even if you think you’ve done it already.

Cleaning charges
We are quite lenient with this, however if the boat comes back trashed; cigarette burns, mud or weeds accessibly throughout the entire boat, vomit, chips crushed into the floor, etc…… will be charged accordingly.
MUD/Anchors: Please try to rinse off any mud, weeds & sand off the anchors before placing them on the boat! 

Any other questions email **Patti** at or call 608-297-2562 ext. 103

Rental Agreements are all located on the page of the boat you are renting.

It may seem like alot of rules but they are all put in place to make your play time run smoothly. I hope we can help you to have a wonderful vacation and make some lasting memories on the water!