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Qwest Advantage..
Because we are the manufacturer, we design and build components in-house using precise manufacturing equipment, methods and software. This allows us to be proactive and flexible on design without losing distinct quality. We believe that vision combined with innovative technology drives continuous improvement and development of unique products, and our growth demonstrates that we’re committed to understanding what our customers expect.
That’s the difference at Apex Marine, it’s the Qwest Advantage.

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MISTY HARBOR Link: Misty Harbor 2018 Brochure .pdf

Misty Harbor has been manufacturing high quality pontoon boats under the well-known brand name since 1990. Our original product line was exclusively high performance pontoon boats that became very well known as the “SkiToon” series. In 1992 traditional round log pontoons were added and have grown over the years to become our primary pontoon product line. Today, the full range of pontoon products include 50 different models spread across 4 series ranging from 14 to 26 feet in length.

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Mercury 4-stroke Outboard information

FourStroke technology and Mercury. Always moving forward. With boater-driven innovations and technologies. Like electronic fuel injection. On-board digital monitoring that protects your engine. And a total commitment to corrosion protection utilizing hard-coat anodizing and a superior multi-step paint process. Mercury FourStroke engines have consistently set the bar for clean, quiet performance and low fuel consumption. Plus, no one has more models to fit your needs.

Entire Propulsion Brochure

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Evinrude ETEC Information
Evinrude ETEC Pontoon Series Information

Pontooning is a boating experience unlike any other. So we built an outboard series unlike any other, designed speci cally for pontoons. Lower vibration for a smoother ride. Quick acceleration and instant throttle response for tow sports. And the ultra-low emissions and unmatched fuel efficiency of E-TEC direct injection. The Evinrude E-TEC Pontoon Series. Specially designed for fun.

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